What is Enactus Centennial College?

We at Enactus Centennial College believe that a free market, entrepreneurship, and a environmentally friendly planet can co-exist. We strive to make sure everything we do makes a positive social impact in both our local and global community.

We have three core principals that drive all of our major projects

1. Entrepreneurship

2. Environmental Sustainability

3.Financial Literacy

Entrepreneurship drives our countries growth and development. Without people like Steve Jobs (Apple) , Heather Riesman (Indigo Chapters) and Ingvar Kamprad (Ikea) its hard to imagine what our world today would be like. People that follow there vision and strive to make it a reality have the power to  change the way we live, work and interact.

Environmental sustainability has never been a bigger issue than today. As the world and its leaders slowly take action to be more environmentally friendly, we believe that we can make big changes just by taking action in our local communities.

Financial literacy is a subject that is neglected in many schools and as a result many people grow up not knowing how to best invest and manage their money. In our Play It Smart project we teach kids to not only create their own crafts but to learn to sell them and then make smart decisions on what to do with the money they earn,

So what do we do for our community?

Well here are our major projects we have running now:

Play It Smart

Play It Smart is a homework help center, basketball training center ,and leadership development center all rolled into one! Kids ages 7-13 develop their mental and physical abilities in this free for all program.

For more details follow this link:


Pure Success

Pure Success is a program made for the entrepreneurs of Toronto. We pair entrepreneurs with people who specialize in an area of business where the entrepreneurs skills lack.

Metis Caravan

A project under our Pure Success project, we partnered with entrepreneur Ronnie Walker to help her sell her homemade, handcrafted crafts and accessories on the digital market. Project lead Amanda Gallant and her team have helped Ronnie get her business on Social Media and develop a website for her business.


Intelligence. Swagger, Attitude. That’s what Nigels urban clothing business is all about. I.S.A.s mantra is teaching urban youth how to dress and be more professional.  With his own clothing line Nigel aims to change urban fashion and swagger. Project Lead Mark Chamanlall is working with Nigel to help him build his brand from the ground up.

At Enactus Centennial College we believe in the power of entrepreneurs, a healthier planet and a financially sounder society .

The Power of One Creates Value for All!


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