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TIme to Spring EnAction!

Spring is a time of rebirth and revival. Those long months indoors are finally over so its time to Spring EnAction!

This Wednesday (April 1st) from 11am to 3:30pm we’ll be inside the bridge of Centennial College taking ideas from students who have visions of a business and ideas that they want to make a reality!

Show us your business acumen and come meet one of the entrepreneurs we are currently helping now.

We’ll be taking students ideas both on the bridge or you could even tell us your idea on Twitter @Enactus_ECC with the #businessconnected or on Facebook on

The best ideas wll be featured on this blog and the students that came up with them will be offered to get their idea going under our Pure Success program!

You can also support your fellow students and Enactus Centennial College by buying an umbrella! The rainy season is well on its way, so keep dry and know your purchase helped students launch ideas that will empower your community.

Want to get directly involved with us? Great! We will also have a table where you can apply for one of many open positions on the executives teams, or just sign up to volunteer at our events!

We’ll even have a photo booth for you to pose with your friends and boards where you show your community how you want to make it a better place.

Its going to be a day of empowerment, change and innovation! Don’t miss it!


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