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TIme to Spring EnAction!

Spring is a time of rebirth and revival. Those long months indoors are finally over so its time to Spring EnAction!

This Wednesday (April 1st) from 11am to 3:30pm we’ll be inside the bridge of Centennial College taking ideas from students who have visions of a business and ideas that they want to make a reality!

Show us your business acumen and come meet one of the entrepreneurs we are currently helping now.

We’ll be taking students ideas both on the bridge or you could even tell us your idea on Twitter @Enactus_ECC with the #businessconnected or on Facebook on facebook.com/enactuscc

The best ideas wll be featured on this blog and the students that came up with them will be offered to get their idea going under our Pure Success program!

You can also support your fellow students and Enactus Centennial College by buying an umbrella! The rainy season is well on its way, so keep dry and know your purchase helped students launch ideas that will empower your community.

Want to get directly involved with us? Great! We will also have a table where you can apply for one of many open positions on the executives teams, or just sign up to volunteer at our events!

We’ll even have a photo booth for you to pose with your friends and boards where you show your community how you want to make it a better place.

Its going to be a day of empowerment, change and innovation! Don’t miss it!


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Playing it Smart on the court and in the classroom

As another season of the Play It Smart program wrapped up last month and all the young athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow were recognized for their       improvements and accomplishments!

Top Entrepreneur Award – Bradley Livingston

GetAttachment (1)Bradley at a young age has been able to understand the true meaning of what it is to be an entrepreneur. He has demonstrated his skills effectively at Play it Smart’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. He successfully sold his recycled crafts by using the selling skills we taught in class.

Bradley was able to learn from the basics. We him taught about targeting the right buyers to successfully sell his crafts he did just that and very successfully too. He quickly identified individuals who would be more incline to purchase his craft at the price he set, and he was very effective at it!

Most Innovative and Creative Award – Emma Pereira and Olivia Powell

Emma and Olivia worked exceptionally well together as team and together they worked  on a business plan and created their product idea. Both Emma and Olivia demonstrated great innovation abilities through recycled GetAttachment (6)craft ideas; their creativity and eye for detail helped them create amazing products. When asked what they learned, they said ,”you have to make it pretty so people would want to                    buy it.” – Olivia and Emma


Vern Kennedy Award – Elaiza Jean-Charles

GetAttachment (8)The Vern Kennedy Award, create by the founder of Play it Smart, t recognizes one highly dedicated and passionate mentor. Elaiza joined Play it Smart, as an administrator and supportive staff and since then she has taken on the role as mentor as well. Elaiza has demonstrate great leadership skills, dedication and spirit. She is always friendly and served as a great role model to the children of Play it Smart.

Play it Smart Alumni Hero Award – Deshan Morgan

GetAttachment (10)The Play it Smart Alumni Hero Award, created by the founder of Play it Smart, is an award the recognizes one graduate of Centennial College, who has return to continue to support and help Play it Smart. Deshan has shown great dedication and commitment to the program the past year.

MVP Basketball Mentor Award – Mark Livingston

GetAttachment (11)The MVP Basketball Mentor Award, created by Enactus Centennial College, recognizes one highly dedicated and passionate basketball mentor. Mark Livingston has shown great commitment to his role and served as a great mentor as well. Mark Livingston along with his peers have done a great job to make basketball fun and enjoyable for the Play it Smart participants.

It was an exciting season and only time will tell what the next season of Play It Smart will bring!

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